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The GKM Born Free 5 trophy

Garden trophy

Overview trophy

I can't make it this year as I am involved in the UK's Linkert Attacks! event, but Born Free 5 promises to be an amazing weekend. If you've been following the invitees' builds, you'll probably agree with me that it looks like it will be the finest collection of old-time choppers and bobbers in the world.

If you read the magazine, you will know Dr Sprocket: Rich Ostrander (as he's otherwise known) has been building and riding choppers since the sixties... not to mention Excelsior Super Xs, primo Knucklehead bobbers and the rest. He has seen and done it all and he's a bit of a hero of mine, as were our previous columnists Irish Rich and Frank Kaisler.

Anyway, he suggested we do a GKM trophy for the show; not only that, but he offered to make it himself. It sums up what we're about... hand-built and fettled machines created in backstreet workshops. Dr Sprocket is going to choose a bike at the show to receive this very special award. Thanks Rich... and whoever wins this will have something on their mantlepiece that's truly unique and that sums up what GKM is all about.

2 Responses to The GKM Born Free 5 trophy

  • Dog
    Dog, on June 25, 2013, said:

    It is magnificent . . . the human hand, what a wonderful thing.

  • Paul
    Paul, on June 25, 2013, said:

    Outstanding Piece of Craftmanship...

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