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About Belstaff motorcycle jackets

Daring ideas and innovations have always epitomised the Belstaff brand. The same goes for the men and women who wear it.

Belstaff was launched in 1924 by Eli Belovitch, a rubber and reclaimed fabrics maestro who supplied capes to British troops in the First World War ­ and his son-­in-law, Harry Grosberg. The brand quickly became synonymous with action, adventure and glamorous customers, from aviation pioneer Amy Johnson to T.E. Lawrence.

Motorcycle racers loved Belstaff too; especially their iconic Trialmaster jacket of 1948. Over the following decades a long line of celebrated riders religiously wore Belstaff jackets – ­Sammy Miller, John Lee and Gordon Jackson to name a few.

As one of the first companies to fully embrace synthetic fabrics in the 1970s, Belstaff consolidated their age ­old reputation for cutting edge design. In the present day they're still looking to the future through bold and inventive twists on classic designs.