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Welcome to our new home… and new mag. Well, here we are. Pretty flash eh? All-new website, webstore and … most importantly, magazine.

Welcome to our new home… and new mag

Well, here we are. Pretty flash eh? All-new website, webstore and … most importantly, magazine.

It’s been redesigned to be bigger (nearly 20% wider and taller), so the photos of the bikes we love stand up to scrutiny better. There are more pages, and it looks different. And different’s sometimes good, right?

It’s GKM’s sixth birthday and we decided it was high time for a change. But don’t worry friends… the content will stay the same: traditionally-styled customs and choppers from around the globe. The kind of bikes and cars we’ve been bringing you online and in print since 1999.

Like it, hate it? Let us know!

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  • Lookin' good Guy !
    #first comment !

  • ITS brillant............. Congratulations mate, it looks and works superb..... Well done !!!!

  • Mint ! this is all very impressive.

  • Love It! Thanks Guy for keeping the blog alive and this magazine. Even though my bike hasn't been on the road in two years, this magazine keeps the spirit alive within my soul! Take Care, David Vandiver!

  • kool, I think that is changing, a French proverb says: "Can any of the bottle when you have drunk"

  • Alphonse Gabriel February 7, 2013 7:04 am

    Professional ,the "boxes" for the "Account" are hard to see,or maybe it,s too early,just saying.

  • Looks smashin` mate ... congrats for that.

    Cya somewhere on the road.
    Maybe , after a decade I`ll meet Your brother Adam again on our
    GuzziClassic Weekend in Belgium on his 750 S3

    Keep`em commin bro
    Cheers Nico

  • Hey mate, great to see it all up and running......looking forward to see the new look in the flesh.

  • Guy,
    youv`e pulled another masterstroke, loved the old blog & mag but the new setup looks to be even better. Bigger pic`s for my poor 50 year old eyes...result.

    Best of luck chap, cheers Lloyd

  • Looks really great in an artistic way +++
    Like the new logo
    Take care Guy

  • Yorkshire Biker February 7, 2013 9:47 am

    Phew! - had me worried for a mo'. Liking this new layout.

  • Guy, I like the new format and great content too!

  • Very Kool, Thx for puttin; in your time for all of us,, Thx George

  • Looks good guy, cant wait to get them in the store and read it!!

  • Nah sorry Guy but the new format is shite. The size and full page spreads are fucked up . I am a collector of your mag and after I imported my first issue (13) from eBay USA, I decided then and there, based purely on the cool format, that I would hunt down every issue - cost me 50 fucken Ozzie dollars for a new No. 1 cause you didnt have one - I still get them off Wes...:) The content is right on but when are you going to feature a New Zealand bike???? I know of heaps of cool old skool customs in my region - dont know how many copies you sell in NZ but it could be a good marketing move.

    PS - My one-armed 86 year old dad cant read the new size mag on the shitter anymore..he's not happy.

    All the best.
    New Zealand

    • greasykulture March 18, 2013 7:35 am

      Totally agree, Shagger. Bigger photos of cool bikes, who needs 'em? Why don't you send me some photos of the great bikes in your region and we'll go from there?

  • Pics sent via enquiries email