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Issue 37 is ready to ship

The new one's here!

OK, here's a round-up of issue 37: Dr Sprocket gets access to Joe Petrali's family archive to give us a unique profile of perhaps America's greatest ever racer. Young Dylan Mingirulli talks about the '66 FLH bob-job that wowed the Born Free crowds last year and that won the GKM 'Best Trad Modified' trophy.

What else? We have two features from Japan: vintage bike sand drags courtesy of Cycle Headz Magazine and Kazu's '52 6T race-bike-alike. We bring you Tom from the UK's crazy XS650 chopper. Shaun from Australia talks about his neat-as-a-pin Evo Sporty chopper. Jan from Norway creates a shower of gravel with his rad '29 flathead speedway bike; Dragoo from Paris tells us how he built his GKM award-winning Knucklehead chop in a subterranean hideaway. Joonas, who we've featured before, brings us his seventies-survivor inspired Shovel. And last, but certainly not least, we have a great feature on Gus from the Flake Kings and his beautiful '56 Triumph pre-unit.

You'll find it here.

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