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As I am at the pointy end of what you might loosely call the 'custom bike scene' I have long been aware of an ever-encroaching tide of biker-based 'art films'. This new age of motorcycle egalitarianism, where every young man seems to have a motorcycle licence and the means to ride a cool custom bike, means that there is an ever-growing crowd of heavily-bearded, tight-trousered film graduates waiting in the wings to capture the biker 'lifestyle' through the lens of a Canon EOS.

Every event, every ride, every spanner turned… each two-wheeled moment is captured by someone with an HD camera. Chiaroscuro lighting, drifting cigarette smoke, prominent tattoos, big beards, indie soundtrack. Vimeo is creaking under the weight of all this profundity.

Of course, the appeal of 'edgy' motorcyclists to film-makers is nothing new; if you've seen 'The Loveless' you'll have seen the ultimate film-graduates-make-homoerotic-biker-art-stills-as-movie project ever committed to film.

So, perhaps we should embrace this new wave of custom bike/r cameos. And thanks to my mate Pat, I have been alerted to a blog that is cataloguing all these films, each complete with a hugely cynical and very amusing description.

Hipster Bike Videos are here.

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  • thanks for this Guy, crying with laughter.
    it's all fucked now!

  • I have been known to make mention of this phenomenom on occasion . . . do you sell beards ??

  • Alphonse Gabriel February 13, 2014 2:18 pm

    Man o man i have a beard for !! Since i got out of the MoD and am 50 year old man (What you gonna do about it "the Fall") any way sure there,s Hipsters now with cash ,if they push the "industry Guy included fine ,if they get on me tit,s i,d smack em up any how,s so live and let live or something along the line,s..

  • Funny in this context but each to his own...

  • I think I tick all the boxes for being a hipster.. except the tight jeans, I was a little confused so I asked Frankie, he said I was too old to be a hipster,. Mind you, I thought Frankie was an Emo.

  • I doubt that the Baron of Benny are part of the intended target group . . . still, wish I could grow a beard.

  • last time i've checked, beard implant services was offered.. WTF?