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Excited... by, yes, a new Harley-Davidson

Let's hope H-D UK are reading this and offer me one as a long-term test bike. That would push the boundaries of GKM eh?

It's no secret. I haven't had any interest in new Harley-Davidsons since the last Shovelhead rolled off the production line. (OK, with the exception of an ill-educated fluttering when the first Heritage Softail was launched, and a two-minute hankering for a club-style Dyna.)

But wait, look at this. The new Low Rider. It looks tough (that's tuff) in a seventies east-coast kind of way (NY, not Great Yarmouth) and has enough old-timey appeal to satisfy purists like me. I think it hits the balance of old and new (after all, H-D's raison d'etre) better than anything else they've built recently. I like it. (There, I said it.)

Here's what H-D have o say:

"In 1977, Harley-Davidson created a ride-it-hard, put-it-away dirty, make-your-own-boundaries custom motorcycle that became an icon – the Low Rider. Today that defiant attitude returns with a vengeance as the legendary Low Rider model name is reprised for an all-new cruiser that rolls with old-school class and exciting new performance. A polished headlamp visor, wrinkle black trim, and split five-spoke aluminum wheels are touchstone styling elements from the original Low Rider model.

The unrelenting thrust of the Twin Cam 103 powertrain signals departure with a satisfying, throaty tone through twisting header pipes feeding a 2-into-1 exhaust. Suspension is calibrated for all-day comfort and precise handling, while dual-front disc brakes deliver capable stopping power. The new adjustable seat and handlebar risers enable a perfect fit for more riders. Ample Genuine Motor Accessories offer endless possibilities for self-expression, so any rider can own the look and own the road."

Well, you make up your own mind. Let's hope H-D UK are reading this and offer me one as a long-term test bike. That would push the boundaries of GKM, eh?

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  • It was all going splendidly until I got to the Factory blurb . . . you're completely right though mate.

  • They have replaced throttle cables with sensors these days. The sensor has a delay on it to prevent the rider from accelerating too suddenly. That bike looks good but you know underneath it is a big stupid turd.

  • I like the lines too,but it doesn,t change the fact that you kneed a laptop to do the basics :-(

  • I can appreciate the factory homage to the original FXS, but as one who has a 1977 Low Rider brochure and various contemporary sales ephemera pinned to my wall, I quickly get over the "unrelenting thrust" of the modern product. It pales in comparison to the real deal...

  • Andy ( Kent) March 13, 2014 9:33 am

    I'm with you Guy. I ride everyday, and would love a Shovel, but this bike ticks all the boxes. Anyone expecting the factory to turn the clock back technically are barking up the wrong tree. Fair play to HD for trying to re-create the classic style of the early Dyna's. By the way doe's anyone do a Shovel rocker cover for the new engines? Now that would look cool.

  • The Low Rider has a throttle and idle cabels. Only touring bikes past 08 are fly by wire. These are real cool in person.