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My friend Mochi… has it really been seven years?

Thanks Mochi, GKM would not be the magazine it is with out you.

GKM has just passed its seventh anniversary as a print publication. And almost since the beginning, my friend Mochi, who runs his own hairdressing salon Suntee in Tokyo, has contributed a feature on a Japanese bike in every issue.

It's something that I think goes unnoticed now that the Japanese scene has been opened up by the Internet and the accessibility of Japanese magazines, but Mochi enabled GKM to be the only English language bike magazine to bring its readers a regular insight into the Japanese scene. And he doesn't get enough credit for that.

It's cool to see people like Gak from Hawg Holic in Tokyo get the global recognition they deserve; he is an invited builder at Born Free this year. But if you remember, he appeared first in GKM five or six years ago… thanks to his – and my – friend, Mochi.

I hope, if you read the magazine, you've enjoyed the regular injection of Japanese genius in every issue; and in the next one, we feature Kota – editor of the fabulous Roller Magazine – on his Sporty chopper.

Words and photos are, as ever, by Mochi. Thanks my friend, GKM would not be the magazine it is with out you.

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  • Mochi rules, nuff said.

  • Gareth Bangkok April 27, 2014 2:26 am

    Special Thanks to Mochi - it's very much appreciated - I always look forward to see what appears from Japan.

  • I only wish I took the plunge earlier, wonderful job both of you.

  • Man`s a legend.

  • Roger Chambers May 7, 2014 10:20 pm

    G'day mate,
    as an occasional contributor to GKM, naturally I'm a huge fan of the mag. I'm also a huge fan of Mochi's work and presence on the Japanese scene. Like many first timers to the Mooneyes Yokohama show, I was blown away by the size and depth of it. Rock on guys!