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Shake it up

Mix it up! Spice it up!

There's nothing I like more than a crusty, period-perfect custom… all original and vintage aftermarket parts, being ridden regularly. Mike Davis's Knucklehead is a good example… coming up in the new issue in June. Rare and desirable chopper parts adorning one of H-D's most lusted after motorcycles? Yum.

But I am also partial to a bit of anarchy. A bit of mix 'n' match with a drop of home-garage ingenuity.

Take Charlie Foote's '46 Indian Chief for example, in the photo above. It's a super cool old bike, ridden regularly, huge dollops of patina… but it has a Suzuki GSXR front end. It looks great on the bike (you'll have to believe me for now until you see the feature), it works brilliantly and it gives a big middle finger to the period-correct snobs.

(My Pan is currently sporting a Kawasaki TLS front drum, nestled between the legs of an original H-D VL fork.)

Mix it up! Spice it up! This ain't a concourse competition...

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  • 'ain't' - really? That's a lot of transatlantic for a middle-aged bloke from the London suburbs. 'Isn't' would work just as well and you'd avoid coming over as a prat. (And to spare further blushes we'll turn diplomatically from the malaprop created with the unnecessary 'e'.)

    • Everything you say is true. I'm just relieved there's someone reading this drivel.

  • Really lovin' it! Nothin better than getting an ancient hulk out on the road by any means necessary. That is an awesome shot. Flog the old iron!

    BTW, I heard plenty of bloke say 'ain't' when I lived Over There, & that was over 40 years ago...

  • f*ck yeah man! that injun rocks ain't nuthin like runnin' old iron to show bad ass class.
    You don't get a lot of that in the home counties and particularly East Grinstead; Sarah, pull that stick from up your a*se you may find you're a little more relaxed and have more fun.XX

  • Oh dear, I think "aunty" Sarah might be better off sitting in a nice comfy chair with a cup of tea & the Times Literary Supplement listening to Womans hour on the wireless..... Did you see what I did there, I was patronising, offensive & sexist all at the same time. Who said men can`t multi task !.