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Help send my friend Tom to California

Vote Tom Paterson. Thank you!

I am always happy to give a mention to those other nutters out there who publish magazines for – well, I won't call it a 'living' – sustenance. Show Class Magazine is run by genuinely good guys and they run a competition called 'People's Champ' every year to enable 'unknown' back street builders get their machines to Born Free in June. The winner is decided by a process of elimination, decided by online voting. And the chopper-in-progress you see here is one of the entrants. Not only is it the only finalist from a builder in the UK, it was also built by someone I think I can call a friend. Certainly, someone I admire and who inspires me with his never-ending quest to learn every technique involved in bike-building himself; he will read books, go online, ask experts... then do it himself. Whether it's welding, casting, brazing, moulding, filling, filing or bending. Tom Paterson is quite a character. And it would really make him – and me – happy if you would vote for him and his bike. Not only is he a humble, talented man, but this Harley flathead/Triumph/BSA hybrid is almost completely hand fabricated, from the frame to the amazing moulded tank to the magnificent cloud-bothering pipes. You can see more photos and follow the build on his Instagram feed. Please, do it now. Vote Tom Paterson. HERE. Thank you!

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