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Biker photos from 1954 San Francisco

My friend René Muir has a talent for unearthing cool stuff...

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My friend René Muir has a talent for unearthing cool stuff; whether it's at swap meets or old photos from the Internet, he gets to the good stuff first. He found this collection of images in an online photo library, apparently all taken in San Francisco in 1954.

The Berdoo HA member on his bike is my favourite. Hope you enjoy this selection if you haven't seen them before; thanks René!

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  • The level of coolness there is overwhelming.

  • That pic of the Berdoo Angel is the earliest HA pic I've ever seen. Incredible. It looks like his colors have sleeves intact---- wonder if this predates cut-offs... ?

  • Graham Russell April 20, 2015 12:33 pm

    What a treasure trove!

  • La primera foto no es de 1954. Es de los años 60. Ese tipo de parches en la espalda y el tipo de personalización de las motocucletas, no existian en la década de los 50. Los "colores", son invento de los llamados hells angels, ya en los 60, y los motoristas de la foto parecen ser miembros de ese club. Los típicos chalecos vaqueros con los nombres de losmotoclubs escritos con ese típico estilo letra, que tanta gente usa hoy en día, nada tienen q ver con la parafernalia utilizada por los motoristas de los años 50. Repito, son originarios de la década de 1960.

    The first picture is not from 1954. It is from the 60's. That kind of patches on the back and the type of personalization of the motorcycles, did not exist in the 50's. The "colors" are an invention of the so-called hells angels, already in the 60s, and the bikers in the photo seem to be members of that club. The typical jeans vests with the names of losmotoclubs written with that typical letter style, that so many people use nowadays, have nothing to do with the paraphernalia used by the motorists of the 50s. I repeat, they originate from the 1960s.

    • Sorry Antonio, you're wrong. These photos are documented as being taken in '54. The Hells Angels were established in 1948 and this patch has the early lettering.