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So what's it like to ride a seventy year old motorcycle as fast as it can possibly go on wet sand?

Walter Gemeinhardt will be spilling the beans in the next issue.


The Race of Gentlemen is one of the best events I have attended, anywhere. Seeing a bunch of pre-'47 v-twins racing tyre-to-tyre on sand at flat-chat is something I won't forget.

And one of the highlights was seeing my friend Walter Gemeinhardt campaigning his freshly-prepared WLA on the beach at Wildwood, NJ. He's been a stalwart supporter of GKM since day one and is proprietor of the very fine Kickstart Cycle Supply as well as organiser of the infamous Gypsy Run. He's a diamond.

Anyway, it got me wondering; what does it take to build and tune a seventy year old motorcycle to achieve performance way beyond anything ever envisaged by its manufacturer? And then ride this hand-shift, foot-clutch machine faster than could be deemed sensible on a surface as unforgiving as wet sand?

So I asked Walter. He'll be spilling the beans in the next issue. Don't miss this one.

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