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On location

Pete's caff racer's a peach. Coming next month in GKM.

This time last month I met up with Pete Stansfield to shoot his righteously minimalist and perfectly proportioned Norton/Goldstar café racer. This style of motorcycle is an occasional departure for GKM, but I have always picked content by gut instinct and will feature any kind of bike that gets me excited.

We took the pictures about halfway between our two homes in North Yorkshire, in the surrounds of Castle Howard, perhaps best known as the setting for the 1980s TV series 'Brideshead Revisited'. We managed to avoid errant pheasants, elderly dayglo cyclists (who can ruin a shot's background even if they are a mile away) and even the rain. You can see the results in the next issue of GKM, out in early June.

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  • Guy,

    Pete`s new bike looks like a corker looking forward to the rest of the pic`s next issue. Just hope that given the location the pair of you didn`t spend the rest of the shoot mincing about in stripy blazers & straw boaters like a couple of Edwardian ponce`s !.

    Cheers Lloyd.