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Farewell to the four-wheeler

Said goodbye to my Dodge panel truck this morning.

Dodgey Garage

I bade farewell this morning to my four-wheeled friend, the '58 Dodge Panel. It has carried me (and often a bike or two) reliably up and down the country for over three years with no mechanical issues. The only time I ever had to call the AA was when the main fuse for the air ride system blew (and I didn't have a replacement), but it was quickly fixed and I was back on the road.

When I bought it from Dan Collins (Old Gold Garage) in 2011 it was an impetuous purchase; I had fallen for the very gold Dodge when I had featured it in issue 21 of GKM. After import costs, duties and various maintenance expenditure over nearly four years I have, naturally, lost money on it. But I don't think I have ever made a profit on any old bike or car I have owned.

I will genuinely miss it; it's been the most practical and reliable 'classic' I've owned. It proved its worth at the tip as much as at any custom show I attended in it.

It's heading south. I hope the new owner has as much fun and luck with it as I did.

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