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Returning to a bob-job… here's why.

Part of the appeal of having an old Harley-Davidson over a long period of time is that you can enjoy seemingly endless changes in configuration and style, according to your mood. I now have a limited but essential stash of parts that includes six or seven star hubs laced to a variety of rims from 16" to 21". Tanks, pipes, seats, (lots of) bars… the options are varied and most changes to the bike are within my limited mechanical means.

But I always return to The Wild One movie and the Crossing the Ohio River image by Danny Lyon as my touchstones; bob-jobs and stripped stockers are what I really love. The forties and fifties are my decades; I had a brief dalliance with the early sixties custom look but next spring the bike will return as some sort of bobber. It will definitely run some sort of pogo-seat set up. Not sure when I swap back to the wide glide whether I will keep the rebuilt and all-original VL fork, ride control and the custom bearings (enabling it to fit a BT frame); if anyone wants it, let me know. You will need deep pockets.

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  • Welcome back to the darkside young Skywalker!

  • Guy, Your bike is just right no matter what what you do to it(within reason!), I personally like the look of a Wide-Glide front end, are you going 16''or 19'' front or sticking with the 21''?

  • it looks fukin awesome

  • Can't beat the pogo/tractor seat--- probably the best motorcycle seat ever invented. The farthest I rode on a bike in one day was 950 miles, from Brooklyn to North Georgia, on a '51 wishbone Shovel with apes & a tractor seat. I don't think the look ever really went out of style. You see alot of those bikes in mags of the 70s & 80s

  • The bike was awesome and it still is! personally, i think that the rear fender would look better with a 16" tire. With the 18" tire (am i worong?) looks a bit too large!

    Keep on working and enjoy your beautiful beast!