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Sometimes, a photo just epitomises cool

I love everything about this image.

One good thing about the Internet is that we are now able to pick through images of days gone by that would have otherwise remained unseen; and sometimes one photo, out of hundreds I may have looked at that day, really resonates with me.

I love everything about this image. The way the two women and the man in the foreground are smiling, as if the photographer has just made a comment (perhaps about the girl sitting in the guy's lap). The bobbed-to-perfection Knuckleheads. The flying helmets. The guy's outfit: leather jacket, white cap and strides, lace-up boots. The way the bloke in the background holds the about-to-be-lit cigarette in his mouth with such aplomb.

Wonder if any of them are still around?


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  • They knew how to be cool without even knowing how, they exude class. So many things right about this picture as you say Guy!