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Inspiration this week

Inspiration is easier to find; shooting it for the magazine seems harder.


One of the things I have been reflecting on this week is how huge the old Harley scene seems now; although I am aware that perhaps that is just the magnifying effect of the Internet and a reflection of how many people are posting photos of machines and events now compared to 15 years ago.

Back then, there were only a few online sources for images of 'our' kind of bikes: Chopper Dave's website, Nelson Kanno's "Choppers and Punk Punk Rock" and ... well, that's about it. When I started the magazine, the hardest thing was to find material: everyone knew the bikes being built and the people building them.

Now it's much harder as an editor to offer a true representation in print of the bikes I like because there are so many great motorcycles out there and it is just too time consuming (if I am to get anything into print on time) to chase down the owners.

I found these photos this week; the Pan is off the Internet. No idea who shot it or built it. The other was shot by Dave Bewick as part of his Born Free coverage last year: Will Thomas's Knuck outside the DicE store in Hollywood.

I am going to chase a feature on Wil's bike... can anyone shed any light on the Panhead?

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  • Surprised! My Panhead

  • Good morning.
    Thank you for me for my panhead.
    The house is Japan. It is an honor I will put on a great magazine of the blog.
    We are looking forward to hearing from you.