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The Boogaloo Invitational... a month to go!

Rules are sometimes a good thing.

GKM has been cutting back its sponsorship activities in recent times (many small events are now huge events and don't need our support), but we're still open to supporting grass roots events run by likeminded people into the same things we are.

So we are very happy to be sponsors of the Boogaloo Invitational in Castlemaine, Victoria in Australia: it takes place the last weekend in April. Many events, in our experience, become victims of their own success: the good ones start to attract more and more of the 'general public' who in turn want to bring their own vehicles and ideas of a good time. Unfortunately this can sometimes dilute what made the event great to begin with.

So the Boogaloo has set its stall out from the start: there are rules. Cars must be pre-1965, bikes pre-1975... and they must be traditionally styled. I think this is a good thing. There are numerous 'lifestyle' events now where you can go 'dressed up' in turn-ups, newsboy caps and pencil skirts (nice look, sir!) for the weekend to blend in while you picnic and check out the hot rods and motorbikes. But the more generic and high-earning such events become, the more important it is to support the events run by enthusiasts.

So I hope you will head along to the Booglaoo Invitational; my good friend Buzz will be presenting a handmade trophy on behalf of GKM to his choice of best bike.

More info at Boogaloo HQ!

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