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Amour Fou

What ya gonna do?

Haven't had access to TV (or wifi) for a while for various reasons but whilst clearing through some old boxes I found a couple of Sopranos DVD box sets. I've been systematically revisiting each episode on the laptop (I found seasons three and four so far) and it's good to be reminded of how utterly brilliant this multi-Emmy-winning series was.

James Gandolfini (RIP) inhabits the character of Tony Soprano completely and perfectly and is supported by a regular cast of supremely talented actors; it is difficult to pick out episodes that are more captivating and enthralling than the others, but I'd forgotten how good 'Amour Fou' is in the third series. I won't give the plot away, but the interaction between Tony and Gloria Trillo (one of Tony's psychiatrist's other clients, played by the superb Annabella Sciorra) is scintillating and strikes a note of utter authenticity.

Watch 'The Sopranos' again if you can: it paved the way for top-quality TV and made HBO's name. Look at the migration of great film actors to TV now... it's where the great writing and acting is happening.

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