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Go-fast Panhead... inspiration this week

Nice early Panhead racer... might actually help get mine back on the road

I have no excuses. My Harley Panhead's refurbished gearbox is still sitting forlornly on the workshop floor waiting to be reunited with the bike. For whatever reason, I just haven't been inspired to pull my sleeves up and put the bike back together. Even the recent glorious weather and hearing bikes blat past the house heading out into the countryside haven't prompted any action.

But this photo, which came up on the excellent Classic Panheads Facebook page, made me think about how nice it would be to get the old v-twin running again. It's already very close to how my bike looks: dual 18s, early tank badges, bobbed fender... but of course is missing the oil tank (oil and fuel sit in the fat bobs on these old racers). So, I am going to start tomorrow by ordering a new drive chain and some new tyres, then proceed to get the primary back together. Hopefully I haven't missed all of this year's sunshine.

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