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Buddy seats mean double the fun

Snuggle up baby, we're goin' for a ride!

It's a long time since I carried a pillion regularly; in the old days, when my Harley was everyday transport – no car – I got used to the different dynamics of riding two up, day in day out. Wonder how long it would take to get used again to the extra weight into the corners, the advanced balancing act needed when stopping at junctions?

I love these old photos from the days when Harley-Davidsons were family transport, not a weekend conduit to fake bad-assery for dentists, graphic designers and accountants. These couples look so content, so happy with their motorcycles.

Check out the details in these blurry shots: the girl in the flying helmet and goggles with the studded straps on her engineer boots; the guy in the Harley Captain's cap and one-inch cuffs on what looks like an early fifties Panhead with an earlier springer fork? Great snapshots of a more stylish and simple time – when buddy seats were a great way to stay respectably close to the one you loved.

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  • why don't you interview Blackie? the cute gal on the knuckle in the first photograph.

  • his name is Clifford "Dink" to his friends her name is Dolores "blackie" to her friends , I wont go into what bike club they startred because she is still alive , and people have a way of getting foolish and try to live vicariously through other peoples experiences . sorta like that dentist ,graphic designer thing youre talkin bout . and now these idiot hipsters and their" I have more tattoos and a longer beard than you so im cooler" the important thing that you cannot see is that he proudly served his country in the pacific theater was hit with a morter round that till his last days bothered him. but ohhh! like any good german he loved to make things go fast. he raced midget cars after the war(ww2) and he loved knuckleheads. man he swore by them ..he was my friend...and I miss him.