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Trust GKM for quality... and trust the brands we trust

Bike gear you can trust in from the magazine you hopefully already do

Eat Dust, Red Wing, Ray Ban, Biltwell, Hedon, Belstaff, Roland Sands... as you may have noticed, all these fine motorcycle-related brands are available in our online store. And if you're a long time reader of GKM you'll know that we take quality – and motorcycles – seriously.

I've been wearing some of these brands for decades; others, like Eat Dust, pretty much since they started. So if you read the magazine and dig the cycles we feature, trust us to deliver the same style and quality in the jackets, jeans, helmets, boots and visors we stock. If you are wondering about fit, materials, quality or delivery for any of the brands we stock, just email us. We'll be more than happy to answer questions and chat about the brands we love; if you want to include a photo of your bike, even better!


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