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Instagram roundup... my pick of recent IG pics

There's a wealth of cool stuff on Insta if you know where to look...

Instagram is the new blog... an even faster, more instantaneous way to keep up with like-minded old bike (and car) nuts around the globe. And in between the diet pill ads and hopeless, brainless model feeds are some real gems.

And I, probably like you, quite often take screen grabs of machines I particularly like... often randomly seen on and selected from accounts I don't know, but sometimes lifted from the feeds of friends and acquaintances. I sometimes wish I could arrange features on these bikes, but chasing up folks on Instagram is a luxury (at least in terms of spare time) that I don't seem to have.

So, in an occasional series, here's a dump of some recent images that have caught my eye: all bikes and cars I would love to have in the pages of GKM. Hope you enjoy them... follow up the accounts mentioned above the photos if you want to see more. The main image – that stonking Panhead – comes courtesy of p_p_company


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