Summer's always better on two wheels

We're not just retailers... we're riders.

Let's go back... way back.

Where it all started: one of the first Greasy Kulture covers.

If you remember this, then you've been reading Greasy Kulture for a long time. I think this 'cover', from the very first incarnation of the website, comes from around 1999 or 2000.

It was a mock-fifties magazine ('Loud motorcycles and greasy pompadours!') that offered a window onto the world of young(er) guys into old(er) bikes and cars. Quite a phenomenon back then.

Funnily enough, the design still pleases me, in all its unsophisticated and ham-fisted retro glory.

I am still into the same bikes I was into back in those days. Chopper Dave started me down this online path, so I have to thank him for that: kind of fitting he's pictured on this cover.

Thanks to Daryl on the GK team for pointing out that this old GK front page is still posted up there in the ether, archived for all time. If you want to read more on the blah blah of how we got here, try this.

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