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Remembering Nick Curran... the white latterday Little Richard

The greatest modern rock'n'roll singer you've never heard of

In case you missed Nick Curran (he sadly died of oral cancer four years ago this month at the age of just 35) here's a little intro to one of my favourite singer/guitarists.

He started as ostensibly a rockabilly guitar player in his teenage years, backing artists like Ronnie Dawson (who I have also had the pleasure to play guitar with) and Kim Lenz. He later crossed over into punk, starting the band Deguello. But my favourite music of his is this... the tuff rock 'n' roll he played with his band the Lowlifes.

This is my favourite song of his, worthy of comparison with some of the great r'n'b rockers of yesteryear like Little Richard, Bunker Hill and Esquerita. Look him up if you like it; the album this track comes from, 'Reform School Girl', is excellent. RIP Nick.

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