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At last... the GKM calendar!

Featuring some of Mark Kawakami's best GKM feature bikes...

We've been meaning to do one for years, and finally got our arses in gear for this Christmas. So here it is, the Greasy Kulture 2017 calendar!

We scratched our heads for a while about what to feature on the calendar; after all, we have a huge nine-year archive of amazing motorcycle imagery to pick from. I thought for a moment about using my own photographs, but they are very Euro-based. So the obvious answer was to look to our spiritual home, Southern California, and the closest person we have to a staff photographer, Mark Kawakami, of Joyrides Art Co. He's photographed more covers and more great features for us over the years than anyone else (and has even designed some of our t-shirts), starting (if memory serves) with the great wheelie shot of Mike Davis on his Triumph for issue 11.

So, Mark's beautifully-lit images grace every month of the calendar; SoCal faces such as John Edwards, The Harpoon, Grant Peterson, Mike Davis, Aaron Elliot, Jeff Leighton... they all feature here with their machines. So if you – or the gearhead in your life – wants to guarantee an inspiring 2017, you need to get the GKM calendar. HERE.


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