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10 years of GKM

A lot's changed since 2007

This time ten years ago I was preparing to send artwork for the very first issue of Greasy Kulture Magazine to the printer in Sydney, Australia. Jimmy Levold's Panhead was one of my favourite bikes in that first publication.

Everything has changed since then. I have gained two children, lost a marriage; moved town, country and continent; stopped working as an advertising copywriter; become a full time publisher and retailer. I have become a lot – lot – poorer financially.

The bike scene, too, has completely changed: in 2007 I shared the independent custom bike magazine landscape with just one other title, the mighty DicE, run by two good friends from my home town, London. Now there are countless magazines run from sheds, garages and kitchen tables, catering to the lovers of ever more eclectic sub-genres of motorcycle: trackers, cafe racers, street racers, flat trackers, street scramblers, urban crossers.

in 2007 there were no events catering to our kind of bikes; now there are hundreds all over the world, attracting thousands of enthusiasts.

Yet GKM has maintained an ever-diminishing niche in this now-huge marketplace, and I have your support to thank for that. We'll continue as long as it's viable and fun; the online store goes from strength to strength so the name Greasy Kulture will be around for a time yet.

Here's to the next decade. Wonder what the biking world will look like in 2027?

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