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Ex-Hells Angel George Christie has an interesting tale to tell

Musings from the man who created the Ventura charter

I happen to be reading George Christie's book 'Exile on Front Street' at the moment. It's an autobiography; the story of how he joined the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, rising to create the Ventura charter as president. His exit from the club in 2011 was controversial.

Unusually for an outlaw biker, George seems to understand how the media works; he appears to have a wider perspective on how and why the 1%er world is so fascinating to normal citizens... and therefore seems well suited to the role he made his own, of club spokesman.

His book is interesting; not as visceral and hard-hitting as Sonny Barger's 'Hells Angel', but more measured and thoughtful. Christie's website is worth a look too; some of his blog posts are well written and quite illuminating. He writes about the background to the making of the club's own movie 'Hells Angels Forever'; why rival MCs don't fight in prison; and why he's puzzled at bikers' support for Donald Trump.

If it's possible to be intelligent, insightful and eloquent yet still meet the extreme demands of Hells Angels membership, Christie fits the bill. And is therefore an interesting storyteller to people like us, who will never know the life.

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