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Irish Rich talks chopper history... revisited

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Heard of Randy Smith and his Californian company CCE? If you're a chopper buff, you probably have. And even if you're not, you must have seen the ribbed rocker covers on Panhead choppers, or the 'Skoop' bird catchers on Linkert carbs, or you may have run a set of drag pipes on your cycle. These all came from him.

He also created the 'Magnum' (see the famous photo, above)... a WR bottom end mated to a Sportster top end.

And in issue two of Greasy Kulture Magazine, our friend and chopper historian Irish Rich wrote a great column about Randy's life and work. We re-ran this column last Sunday, exclusively as an email to our newsletter subscribers.

But fear not; we are going to repeat a few of Irish Rich's columns on forthcoming Sundays: we're calling it Irish Rich's Sunday Sermon and I recommend you sign upĀ at the bottom of the page to the congregation. These amazing time capsules won't be repeated!

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