Our Loveless movie special is coming soon!

We're not just retailers... we're riders.

Issue 57... Go Takamine's Sport Scout racer on the cover

The new issue is now for sale

The new one is here... and you can buy a copy right here, right now.

That cover shot is of Go Takamine's shit-off-a-shovel Sport Scout racer... the bike that won Go the 'Sportsman of the Year' at the Hell on Wheels vintage racing series.

We also bring you Oli Holzmann and his bespoke, hot-rodded 1946 Knucklehead; Ace Motorcycle in Kobe’s famous – and perfect – ‘49 Panhead; From Montreal, Mooch’s spartan WLC... it’s a keeper; Our friend Eric’s South Bay-influenced generator Shovel; Massimiliano from Italy’s ‘42 Knuck: he’s lucky he’s here to tell the tale; and Lucas Joyner of Factory Metal Works pulls another one out of the hat with his blacked out ‘52 pre-unit.

Don't miss this one.

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