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Carhartt... tough U.S. workwear now in stock

We've ridden thousands of miles wearing Carhartt, we know it works

In 1994 if you wanted to find an address or phone number for a business, you had to use a directory. With paper pages. The Internet may have existed, but not where I lived, travelled or worked. So when I found myself on a trip to California, I knew I wanted to stock up on U.S. workwear (which wasn't easy to find in London back then) but finding out where to buy it required a little homework.

We were in San Francisco and I ended up writing down a couple of addresses for army & navy stores in predictably dodgy districts of the city; then we followed a street map – no smart phones, then – trying to avoid the panhandlers and druggies, to our destinations.

It was a fruitful spree. I bought a black, quilted Carhartt coat, amongst other things. I still have it; that's it in the photo above. I have worn it on the bike, both over a leather jacket and on its own, through rain and snow, both in the UK and during ten years in Australia. It has developed a 'patina', but all the seams and lining are as intact as the day I bought it.

Carhartt make their garments tough.

They are designed to keep the elements out and the warmth in; they are made to last. And after my (ongoing) 23 year road test, I am delighted to now be able to sell Carhartt jackets and vests on to our readers and customers with a genuinely personal recommendation. Check out our range here.

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