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Max Schaaf... influencer and game changer

Dave Bevan talks to him for GKM

Max Schaaf is one of those guys who has shaped the chopper scene that exists today simply by doing his own thing; he's an icon for countless skaters and aspiring bike builders around the world. He speaks his mind. He communicates in a way that makes people think. He does what he does with truth and creativity. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he goes against the grain in a way that is natural... never hackneyed or calculated. Punk rock? Yeah.

He twisted the traditional chopper theme from the very first bike he built; and living in Oakland, it was clear he had a direct tap into the city's pure-gold chopper culture going back to the fifties. I talked to him over ten years ago for a piece we ran for (online, pre-print) Greasy Kulture on his 'Not See Run'. Dr Sprocket talked to him again for GKM issue 38. And we catch up with Max – or at least our favourite Nottingham skater-poet-biker Dave Bevan does – once more in the next issue. It's a great piece, written by someone who understands Max's towering influence over two distinct but interconnected subcultures.

Check it out if you can... issue 59, out in October.

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  • Nick MacMillan August 22, 2017 9:27 am

    I'll look forward to that article, its hard to beat somebody who speaks their mind wether others like it or not!