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Season's Greetings... ride safe everyone

Thank you for following, buying from or supporting Greasy Kulture during 2017

The interesting thing about producing a magazine that is distributed globally is that whilst some of our readers are snowed in, fettling their rides with thoughts of spring sunshine in mind, others are still riding every day in glorious temperatures.

So wherever you are, whether you can still ride through the Christmas holidays or not, thank you for showing interest in Greasy Kulture during 2017. After 18 years online and 10 years in print, we still seem to be finding an audience, which is amazing.

It hasn't been an easy year; we've been learning as we've developed the retail business, and lots has changed. But we have big plans for 2018, including stocking our pick of some new brands and products, so stay tuned. And needless to say, the magazine will continue to showcase our favourite old bikes, cars and readers' stories from around the world.

If you get bored after eating all the mince pies and trying to look grateful for your rubbish presents, why not upload your bike to our Readers' Rides page?

See you on the road in 2018.

(The photo above was taken a few years back by Gareth Buddo for a DicE Magazine shoot. I have modified the image slightly... did you notice?)

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