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Free 1945 Knucklehead? Yes please.

Grant and Mike surpass themselves again for Born Free 10.

I went to Born Free II in 2010, but the event has metamorphosed into an entirely different creature since then. And while I love any event in its infancy – the grass-roots coolness, the lack of public awareness, the little secret only a few are sharing – it's nice to see an event that was started by true enthusiasts achieve the global status that Mike and Grant have achieved with Born Free.

And this year they're giving away a 1945 barn-fresh Knucklehead, last registered in 1955. Yep, you'll without doubt be the coolest sickle-jockey down your road if you win this machine.

I think in the early days you had to be at the show with your ticket in your oily-fingered hand to be able to win anything; not any more. Any of us – wherever we are in the world – could be shipping this Knuck back to our home garages.

I have a very vague notion to go again this year; we'll see if I sell enough magazines to make the airfare. But I'm definitely going to buy a ticket; hopefully they'll be giving away copies of the very cool poster as well as the chance to win this amazing bike (rebuilt by Kiyo, so you know it's going to be tight and right.)

For your chance to win, tickets are on sale through Loser Machine Co.

Good luck.

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