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New issue 61: all Harleys, from big budget to no budget

Money doesn't matter, cool matters

Even if you don't calculate the man-hours that go into an international show-winning bike, the money you need to spend to create a unique custom Harley might be eye-watering for most of us. Even if, like Dave Polgreen, you start with a bargain set of Knucklehead cases and a wealth of know-how, there's no getting around the fact you need to spend – chrome, machine work, vintage goodies – in order to win an event like Born Free.

On the other end of the scale, there are still guys out there in their garages putting together oily-rag old Harley choppers out of cheap and disparate parts... and who's to say their machines are any less cool than the chromiest showbikes with the rarest components?

We cover both ends of the spectrum in the new issue. From Dave's '47, created in the Southern Californian sunshine, going on to win Best of Show at Born Free and bagging a guest of honour spot at the Mooneyes Hot Rod and Custom Show in Yokohama, to Josh's punk rock backstreet Pan-Shovel, ridden hard along England's damp and bleak northern roads. (And lots of other bikes in between, from Europe, the USA and Japan.)

We don't favour either style or ethos... we just love old custom motorcycles and the stories they inevitably drag around with them. Check the new issue out.

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