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GKM issue 64 is out now, featuring this Born Free-winning Harley-Carlheim racer

How Bobby Green and Justin Walls built a 21st century answer to Petrali's 1937 record breaker

This motorcycle, conceived by Bobby Green at Old Crow Speed Shop and built by Justin Walls at Built the Traditional Way, takes the famous record-breaking 1937 Joe Petrali Knucklehead as inspiration. But with the benefit of 81 subsequent years of technological advances (in streamlining, fabrication, materials etc), this machine is about as high-tech as its low-tech powerplant allows.

The engine combines a Gus Carlheim top end with a Harley UL bottom. Gus Carlheim? Yes... he is a relatively unsung hero of the early age of Harley modification for performance, but his Bronx-built parts are highly collectable today. And in the new issue of GKM you can read how Bobby got his paws on such a rare motor... and how Justin handbuilt that extraordinary body around it. It's a fascinating story.

There are plenty of other great features in the new issue, with choppers and bob-jobs from Finland, Denmark, Australia, Japan and USA.

If you have a moment, check it out here.

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