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In (rare) praise of modern motorcycle design

Will the new Indian FTR1200 actually hit the road looking this good?

Occasionally my attention is diverted briefly from the pre-1970s bikes I photograph and write about daily for Greasy Kulture by something modern. (And very occasionally I wish I was the kind of mainstream motorcycle journalist who's routinely added to motorcycle manufacturers' test-ride lists.)

The Indian (Scout Custom) FTR1200 is one of those motorcycles. The road-going brother to Indian's successful FTR750 flat track bike, the 1200 is still a 'concept', scheduled for launch next year. And being the cycnic I am, I know the legal, road-going version of this brutish and very cool motorcycle is likely to be a disappointing compromise once it's weighed down by all the health-and-safety doodads (blinkers, bigger fenders and lights, catalytic converter, etc) our nannying governments demand.

But it's nice, for now, to bask in that honeymoon period before the shoulders sag at the sight of the real production machine; to enjoy the look of this deraked, purposeful and musclebound hooligan and imagine one day this actual bike might make it onto a showroom floor.

Well done, Indian. I like the way you're thinking.

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