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For all at Mooneyes Hot Rod and Custom show... I'm well jell

Have a great time in Yokohama, friends

My two consecutive trips to Yokohama in 2010 and 2011 are amongst my favourite memories. In those days, bikers came from all over Japan to attend the Mooneyes show on their machines... and the car park at the conference centre where the event's held was chocka with exotic vintage cycles. (Nowadays the show is strictly indoors only... shhh.)

Both times I went, I was asked to present an award; a great honour... especially in 2011 when sculptor and all-round cool bike guy Jeff Decker and I chose Spice Motorcycles' Knucklehead (pictured here) as our 'picks of the show'. Jeff's a lovely man and a great inspiration; to share a stage with him was unforgettable.

As I always say... if you get the chance to go, go! It's well worth the financial pain.

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