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A new Greasy Kulture issue... and discounted last few calendars

A family that chops together stays together!

If you're a longtime GK aficionado you'll know that I love family-oriented covers for the magazine. We had Tim Kill and his daughter on the cover of issue 29, Jeremiah Amenta and his family on the cover of issue 15 – and numerous features including kiddos in between. And on the cover for our February 2019 issue 67 is Carl Savino with his wife, adorable twin daughters... and his righteous 1960 survivor Pan-Shovel chopper.

This issue is a proper chopper-fest, with plenty of other no-compromise, rigid-framed machines featured. We also bring you a race-inspired pre-unit Triumph and some great photos and memories from December's Mooneyes show in Yokohama.

Have a look here.

Oh, and if you'd still like a GK feature bike to drool over on your wall every month, we've just reduced our remaining few 2019 calendars to just 11 quid. Be quick!

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