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Corvid-19... and motorcycles

Is there a silver lining to this craziness?

What a strange time this is. I keep waking up having completely forgotten – just for a few hours – we are being assailed by a new global contagion, then the realisation that we are 'locked down' weighs upon my conciousness suddenly, like a heavy mattress pressed on me from above.

Our friends in countries like Italy and Spain are suffering; it's truly surreal reading about the deaths, the overwhelmed health services... the broken families.

But for me, happily, the change in lifestyle brought by this new coronavirus isn't significant; we live on a farm with very few neighbours. I work alone, with GK stock kept in a unit 15 minutes away. The post offices and courier companies are still working; so I am, too: starting new features, designing stickers and tees, shipping magazines, arranging delivery of shirts and boots.

I don't know what I'd do if I was stuck in a small space with our children (who are all off school because all the schools are closed), having been temporarily laid off work. If that's you, I hope you're coping... and finding enough to keep occupied and sane.

Trying to find a silver lining in all this, at least I have more time to think, to read, to contemplate my life's trajectory and consider how it should change when everything returns to normal; or, more likely, starts a new 'normal', defined by social distancing and a keen awareness of our own fragility.

I am also currently enjoying the opportunity to indulge in all the things I love, from music to motorcycles. I'm not riding.  Although it's not been banned (yet), I wouldn't want to put any extra strain on our wonderful national health service should something happen out on the road somewhere.

I find myself re-reading old issues of Greasy Kulture, reminding myself of some of the great people and motorcycles we've turned the spotlight onto for the time it takes to publish an issue.

I hope the current crisis isn't hitting you and your family too hard; and that you are finding some tiny consolations in this strange new way of existing. And if you need some ideas to help while away the hours during this enforced downtime, remember we can send you three of our classic old issues in a back issue bundle for just a measly £5. A bit of inspiration for when all this seems like a bad dream.

(And, after all, I'm one of those self-employed fools who still need to put food on the table!)

Good luck. Stay well and safe. See you on the other side.



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