Our Loveless movie special is coming soon!

We're not just retailers... we're riders.

New GKM issue 74 is here... relieve that self-isolation!

If you keep shopping, we'll keep shipping!

What extraordinary times we're living in.

I hope you are safe and well and weathering the coronavirus crisis as best you can.

It seems a bit crass to be selling you something when everyone – everyone! – seems so anxious, but I also believe that at times like this we need to focus on what makes us happy. And for us, that life-affirming thing is old custom motorcycles.

So here it is: the new issue of GKM. Issue 74, with Eric Hammer from HandCraft Choppers in Germany on the cover astride his handbuilt Knucklehead. If you're stuck inside, rest assured we'll get the magazine to you – but there may be delays for obvious reasons, depending on where you're located.

Stay warm, stay well. And once you've read this issue, remember you can still buy three of our oldies for just five English pounds!

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