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Delivery methods

In-stock products usually ship within 1-2 business days, while on-call items can have a shipping time of up to 7-10 business days. Your estimated delivery dates will appear on the checkout page prior to order completion. You’ll receive a Shipping Confirmation email when your order ships


Our three types of inventory: in stock, on call & drop-ship

In stock products


Items labeled as 'In stock' are products we have sitting on our shelves. They are packed as soon as you've checked out your basket and are usually delivered to you within two working days.

On call products


We believe in offering you, our valued customer, as much choice as possible. Which is why we like to offer multiple styles, colours, sizes and brands. But we can't physically store all the products we offer. So 'on call' products are sent to us by the manufacturer when you order, before they are delivered to you. 'On call' items therefore usually take a few days longer to arrive than our 'In stock' products.

Drop-ship products


'Drop-ship' products are just like our 'On call' items, but they are delivered directly from the warehouses of the suppliers we deal with to your door. We place the order with our friends and they post it directly to you. 'Drop-ship' orders normally take a week to ten days to deliver.


Delivery times and taxes

Customers may be liable for customs and import duties depending on your geographic location in relation to our shipping location and your customs authority.

We use DHL Express for our overseas shipping. The guidelines they give us for delivery times from date of shipping are:

UK 1-3 working days
Europe 5-7 working days
USA 7-10 working days
Rest of the world 10 working days minimum

In reality, shipments can be a little quicker or slower than this. If your order doesn’t turn up for a long time (bearing in mind these guidelines) contact us  and we’ll sort it out.

All packets (multiple magazines, hats, t-shirts etc) posted with The Royal Mail are sent first class recorded delivery. All orders over £90 sent outside the UK are delivered by DHL Express airmail (tracked) and should arrive within a few days, wherever you are.