Vardhalla founder Nicke Svensson gets a long overdue cover

Vardhalla founder Nicke Svensson gets a long overdue cover

We've been following his progress into the world's chopper consciousness for around two decades now, so we're happy that we were finally able to nail Nicke down to a couple of features on a couple of extraordinary bikes.

Way back in the days of Nelson Kanno's 'Choppers & Punk Rock' online forum – open to 'members only', remember it? – Nicke made quite an entrance with photos of an amazing Panhead show-chopper he'd built. He was mercilessly ribbed about it/he being too comfortably in the Jason Jesse mould (after all, Nicke is another product of the skateboard underground) but it was clear this guy had great style and ability.

He's gone on to show his machines at events worldwide, and his machining and engineering prowess – Vardhalla! – is on another level. He's created his own high quality verisons of the ol' Vard hydraulic front ends and Speed-E-Shift gear changers and even teamed up with another mad genius from across the pond, Brandon Casquilho of Mullins Chain Drive.

Anyway, I'm sure you know this potted history already; check out the new issue for a big spread on Nicke's wonderful '47 Knuck. And look out for his brutal dual-carb-dual-mag Knuck drag bike in an upcoming issue!

Great photos by Boon Photography.



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