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Greasy Kulture

Greasy Kulture issue 84

Greasy Kulture issue 84

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On the cover: John Edwards and his latest build, a '41 Knucklehead completed for Born Free in the summer. This bike has all the amazing NOS parts and perfect period detail we've come to expect from John...


Our mate Dave Bevan in Nottingham transformed a monstrous ‘90s pre-unit Triumph chop into this! • Nick Resty’s killer 1940 UL chopper was built around the seat... but man, what a seat! • His Triumph Tiger may not be period-correct but Chris Sommer believes the fact most of it is handmade is more important. • We visit The Congregation Show – and Daron Gray captures the highlights through his lens • This ‘38 Harley EL chopper from Tokyo, built by HawgHolic, is music to Katsuyuki’s ears... • A boss Bavarian big twin flathead, built patiently over six years by Franz Rabauer • David Carlo’s wonderful images from the most recent TROG: October 2021...

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