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Greasy Kulture

Greasy Kulture issue 90

Greasy Kulture issue 90

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On the cover: Mick De Rocker from Belgium and his perfectly worn-in '46 FL Knucklehead, built from parts over five years.


Born Free invited builder Joey Kerigan wanted wild... so he built wild! His Panhead chopper blows minds and drops jaws! • Loggy is one of the founders of The Trip Out and is a 'car guy who loves' bikes... like this ‘51 Servi-Car • Dan Carballo’s Panhead chopper has east coast roots – and big west coast vibes; if you sense Mark Drews' touch on this bike, you're right! • Glenn Hissel in the Netherlands boiled his project Shovelhead down to its beautiful bare bones and this mean, green, lean machine is the result • Yagi works at Neighborhood in Tokyo and went from wild chopper to a daily-ridden Duo Glide – with no regrets • Andrés and his Good Motorcycles workshop in Barcelona have produced another beautiful Panhead, this time round with beach-racin' style

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