Greasy Kulture

Greasy Kulture issue 94

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On the cover: Born Free winner Todd Asin of Small City Cycles with his daily rider, this stunning '56 Panhead with tanks by Mark Drews.


Nathan Sykes just won best paint at Born Free and his '66 Shovel is a rolling ad for his skills • Paul Jung is the 'old clunker' guru at W&W Cycles and built this Koslow-style racer from rusty parts • The life of a globetrotting artist is a creative one, but not an easy one – Simon Watts gives us an insight • Kei's first introduction to Shop Sam's was pretty intimidating – and then he learned to love choppers! • Jeff Twa built his '43 UL to go places – but 'swamp donkey' ended up somewhere a little unexpected • Joel Peet built his Panhead chopper from an uninspiring project and is glad the shine's worn off at last • Born Free 14 was a blast – here's a few of the bikes that caught our eye