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Greasy Kulture

Greasy Kulture issue 99

Greasy Kulture issue 99

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On the cover: Kostas Kotsaridas and his 1967 generator Shovel, built to do big miles on runs across Europe from Kostas' home in beautiful northern Greece.


Jesse Garrett rescued his ‘49 EL Panhead from an Indiana basement • Kazuki’s radical ‘Black Night’ grew from small beginnings: a ‘41 Knuck right-side case • Joe stays true to the early ‘70s with his stunning ‘69 swing-arm Triumph chopper • Built to do the miles, Kostas’ ‘67 genny Shovel goes as well as it looks • Engineer boots – we ask why they’re still essential footwear after 85 years! • The best of H-D and Triumph in a hot hybrid: Hiro’s race-Triumph-powered TRIRON! • Daron grew up with – and in – this ‘66 Chevy C10, a wonderful reminder of his late dad • Beautiful chopper from beautiful Bali – Yamaha Scorpio built by Putu • Toby’s ‘50 EL Panhead proves chrome won’t get you anywhere near home...

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